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Holding Hands

Your Day Will Be Perfect


As a fully licensed Alberta Marriage Commissioner, Sol Sourced Weddings Owner, Soleiha Mahrcell has performed several thousand weddings since 2004. Each personalized 30-minute ceremony includes a rendition of the couple’s love story; when they fell in love, why they fell in love, and the story of their proposal; making it so much more than a legal process.  


Whether you require a private elopement, vow renewal, family ceremony, or legalization of a destination wedding, your ceremony will be conducted with the utmost reverence, respect, joy, humour and love in which your relationship found its meaning. 


In addition to wedding ceremonies, Soleiha specializes in a variety of other services that mark important moments in your life. Her personalized, heartfelt approach is applied to everything she does. Other services include: 


Kathryn & Karen

You were as we’d hoped – perfect!  The wedding was amazing we remain in a blissful state remembering all that was.

Derek & Linda Chiu

Your story telling was magnificent and it created an amazing ceremony.  We will always remember you and your wonderful role on our day.

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Jeanie & Robert Staples

You gave us a very meaningful and joyful service and set the tone for a very happy and unforgettable day.  We have been happier than ever since you married us. 

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