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About Soleiha Mahrcell


Conceived in Paris, born in Montreal and raised in Los Angeles, Soleiha Marhcell made her way back to Canada at the age of 17.  She remained a West Coast girl by coming to Vancouver and was integrally involved in the Entertainment and Hospitality Industry at that time.

Her life direction changed dramatically in 1998 when she found herself compelled to move to Calgary, Alberta. In 2004, after having worked as an assistant for renowned Marriage Commissioner, Nomi Whalen, she received her post as a Marriage Commissioner. It was no-doubt a soul-directed path that has proven to be a joyous and creative journey.

After the initial meeting, many couples and individuals have expressed that they feel the energy of love, serenity, and beauty which leaves them with greater clarity and a vision of the possibilities for their upcoming ceremony. Soleiha brings her whole heart to every ceremony and surrounds herself with what she hopes to give everyone in her life. Her intention is to continue to write, create, and perform weddings and ceremonies for as long as body, spirit and the government allows! 

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