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In the initial meeting we will have a discussion about some new and time valued rituals to infuse into your ceremony. Some of these rituals allow your guests to play an active role in the ceremony, and some of them are only about you. They play a fundamental role in making your ceremony uniquely your own. A full ceremony runs for a maximum of 30 minutes in length and is completely customized to each couple or individual.
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After the parents choose a name for their child, Soleiha conducts a ceremony to unveil the name and it’s deeper meaning. A sacred time that declares the loving and infinitely intelligent nature of your child and their presence in the world based on the name and date of birth. It is an honor to impart the divine connection that is your child’s life path.


A memorial and celebration of the loved one who has transitioned.  Soleiha facilitates each service by sharing the essence of the person and the impact they left. With lightness of being she brings anecdotes and stories which bring fond memories that remind them of their presence in the world. 


While it is not legal to marry yourself anywhere in the world, reports of people holding mock ceremonies have been going on for several decades and can be found from Japan to Italy, Australia to the UK, Us to Canada. Proponents say Sologamy is about Self-Love, acceptance and claiming the social affirmation normally reserved for couples who wed.  


Practical Guidance with tools for a balanced relationship. Pre and post ceremony relationship counsel so that the marriage moves with grace and harmony. 

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Whether you're celebrating an intimate wedding ceremony or honouring your loved one with a tranquil celebration of life, this beautifully landscaped private residence includes magnificent gardens and unparalleled beauty in a quiet and peaceful urban setting. Lush, tiered flower beds, three ponds and a stream, a stunning view of downtown and the Bow River, with mature trees lining the perfectly manicured lawns, make this venue truly one-of-a-kind. Located in the heart of the city, this magical setting is an ideal location for your next celebration.

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