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Order of Ceremony


Outlined below is an order of ceremony designed to be custom-tailored including rituals to make your ceremony uniquely your own.

  • Introduction of Marriage Commissioner & welcoming of guests

  • Rock Ritual (optional) 

  • Processional

  • Personal Portion of Ceremony (can be optional)

  • Blessing of the Child/Children (optional)

  • Reading (optional)

  • Water Cleansing Ceremony (optional)

  • Legal Portion of Ceremony

  • Vows

  • Ring Exchange

  • Unity Sand Ceremony (optional)

  • Wine Box Ceremony (optional)

  • Pronouncement of Marriage

  • Choice of Wedding Blessing

  • Signing of the Registry 

  • Conclusion of Rock Ceremony (optional)

  • Rose Ceremony (optional)

  • Marriage wish to couple by Soleiha

  • Presentation of couple to family and guests

  • Recessional

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